Passion, performance and perfection are combined in the „German Engineering“ philosophy of MAURER Group, which is an international guarantee of quality.

MAURER SE, as a manufacturer of externally supervised products with certificates of conformity, is obliged to ensure a quality, which is above the average industry level.
The quality management system is certified according to DIN ISO 9001, the environmental management system according to DIN ISO 14001.

Bridge Construction

MAURER offers a comprehensive service range regarding bridge construction/structural engineering
to our customers and trade partners.

Construction-Dynamic Analyses

Construction-dynamic analyses include special services for the construction industry. For example do MAURER experts investigate the performance of a structural component or construction when usually and maximally exposed. It can thus be determined whether construction and installment meets the requirements.

Constructional Services

MAURER offers constructional services for all their products. For example, our experts may do the necessary corresponding works for expansion joints (box-in-box) for you, such as concrete-, sealing- and asphalt works. Full service – one company.

Structural Component Inspection

The inspection of material and structural components is an important step, to examine manufactured elements on full function and accuracy before delivering to the customer. This also contains the pre-inspection of supplied components. Even newly developed components need examination in order to determine whether the required parameter can effectively be fulfilled.

Customer Support

The customer support of MAURER Structural Protection Systems aims at immediate answering customer requests and finding quick solutions. We especially appreciate intense consulting and comprehensive service offers. This includes on-site inspections.

Installation Supervision

According to equipment authorization and ZTV ING the installment of the first bearing of a type and the installment of a bearing for DB projects according to guideline 804 requires that each bearing is presented by an expert of the manufacturer. The MAURER engineer thus supervises the professional transport of the bearings to the site, hoisting the bearings to the installment position and the horizontal alignment as well as correct pre-adjustment of the bearing.

Schematic Design

Each project is mastered by its design. MAURER therefore emphasizes extensive consulting already during
the constructional schematic stage.

Research & Development

In the field of research & development MAURER connects fundamental with applied research. We are aiming at releasing innovative products and continuously improve it.


Regularly inspections of our installed products prolongers their lifetime because damages can be pre-determined. The MAURER Inspection Team specialized on this to identify possible restoration needs in time realize it in an economically responsible way.


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MAURER offers technical monitoring and documentation of various products to his customers. This enables us to control, together with our customers, and adjust at any time the efficiency of the constructional components and devices installed. The best example of monitoring processes are MAURER Force-Sensing Bearings by which actual construction loads can be measured.


MAURER products in general have a long service life, even though most of it do hardest work every day. Amongst inspection our experts also support you with maintenance and repair works of MAURER products. Our service includes corresponding works, modifications, upgradings and modernising with all necessary constructional accomplishments.


The MAURER team regularly offers in-house trainings and diverse workshops (product or installation trainings) either at the customer’s seat or directly on-site. The workshops are provided by qualified and experienced consultants.