Passion, performance and perfection are combined in the „German Engineering“ philosophy of MAURER Group, which is an international guarantee of quality.

MAURER SE, as a manufacturer of externally supervised products with certificates of conformity, is obliged to ensure a quality, which is above the average industry level.
The quality management system is certified according to DIN ISO 9001, the environmental management system according to DIN ISO 14001.

Approvals & Certificates

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1. Structural protection systems

Seismic Control Devices
Structural Bearings

MSM®/MSA® Sliding Bearings (2)

Pot Bearings (2)

Surface Rocker Sliding Bearings (2)

Vibration Absorbers

Tuned Mass Dampers (0)

Cable Dampers (0)

Expansion Joints
Vibration Isolation

Isolation of Buildings (0)

Isolation of Machines (0)

2. Amusement rides

Roller Coasters

Spike® Coaster (0)

Bike & Wing Coasters (0)

Spinning Coasters (0)

Racing Coasters (0)

Xtended® Coasters (0)

SkyLoop (0)

Ferris Wheels