Passion, performance and perfection are combined in the „German Engineering“ philosophy of MAURER Group, which is an international guarantee of quality.

MAURER SE, as a manufacturer of externally supervised products with certificates of conformity, is obliged to ensure a quality, which is above the average industry level.
The quality management system is certified according to DIN ISO 9001, the environmental management system according to DIN ISO 14001.


The strength of MAURER today is largely founded on the long tradition of the company. Its history started back in 1876 with Friedrich Maurer in Munich - whose business expanded quickly in this early stage of the most rapid period of industrialization in Germany. In the beginning his craft manufacture focused on the forming of shee metal, but by the late 19th century it had transformed into a full-grown metal factory. In 1925 MAURER moved to the north of Munich – where it still remains today. A the time MAURER had already attracted attention with early stell and bridge constructions.

When Johannes Beutler acquired the company in the 1930s-, it became well known for the construction of airport hangars and gates. By the end of the Second World War a major part of the manufacturing plants had been destructed or dismantled. However in the 1960s, the company restored its former strength: Its specialization in bridge construction proved to be the right path to further growth. Then in 1993 MAURER started to develop and manufacture roller coasters. The next coup followed three years later: After intense research work MAURER established the department of earthquake protection systems. In 1999 factories were founded in Turkey and China and by 2004 additional branches up in Russia, France and India had been set up.

Milestones of the Company History

 1876  Foundation of the company in Munich by Friedrich Maurer

 1931  Acqusition of the company by Johannes Beutler

 1965  Expanding the portfolio by steel stacks and bridge construction elements

 1973  Specialization in structural bearings

 1993  Entering business with roller coasters

 1996  New department of earthquake protection systems

 1999  Founding factories in Turkey and China

 2004  Opening subsidiaries in Russia, France and India

 2014  Maurer Söhne GmbH & Co. KG becomes stock corporation company MAURER AG